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I'm an introverted person, and spend a lot of time thinking and in my own little world. I've always been fascinated with the thought of the afterlife, and what happens after we leave earth. Are we reincarnated? Do only some of us come back and others stay in heaven? Where is heaven anyway?...I feel like we change energy. That we function on some different frequency. There's no way we just disappear. I've had so many signs from Chad that he's still around, that I KNOW now for a fact that we never leave. I wonder if I'm lucky enough to receive these signs because Chad and I were always so connected. I know I've met him before, in some other lifetime. This was not the first time our souls had connected. I might sound crazy to someone who isn't spiritual, but let me tell you when you feel a connection like that with another human being, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. I often wonder if those we know in heaven experience the feeling of missing someone...when I asked my best friend this, she said 'no, I don't think they miss us because missing someone is such a painful feeling. And theres no pain in heaven. Chad just knows he's waiting for you, and can't wait for you to get there.". I also have a theory that time is different for them. Here, years and years can pass by, but there, its just a blink. It'll be like he wasn't waiting at all, even if I don't show up for another 50 or 60 years. I was thinking about Chad when I was driving yesterday...I was having a hard day and had been crying a lot. 'Waiting on a Woman' came on the radio. Theres a line in that song where he sings "when I get to the other side, I'll find myself a bench, if they got any. I hope she takes her time, cuz I don't mind waiting on a woman" that moment, I know he was speaking right to me. Chad knows I listen to the meaning and words in a song, and the poetry behind it. I know when I really need him, he sends me the messages I need to hear. I know he's waiting on the other side, I'll just be a bit late. Good thing he's a patient man.

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