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Time is limited - don't waste it

I was away this weekend and was visiting with some friends, a few of which had also experienced significant loss in their life. One of these ladies said something along these lines, "you always feel like you'd do things differently if you had known things would end up this way, and that they'd disappear from our lives so quickly. You wish you didn't waste time being mad at each other, or wish you'd have said what you thought or you felt, if only you knew things would be ending soon". I thought about that conversation a lot. And it made me really grateful for my relationship with Chad, because we really held nothing back with each other. We were never mad, we didn't fight...and luckily for me he was an amazing communicator. Anytime either of us was bothered about something we just talked about it, said what was on our mind and explained how we felt. I told him I loved him pretty quickly...something in my heart just told me to do it even though we all have these timelines set in our head of how long to wait before we do that...I loved him, so I said it. Luckily he loved me too! Things we talked about, said to each other, shared, it was one of those relationships where you talk about everything and just say whatever comes to mind with no boundaries. I realized after being with him awhile that I had shared things with him that I never said out loud before. The reason I felt the need to share these thoughts, is this. We really don't know how long we have before God calls us home. Our time on this earth and with our loved ones is limited. Say what you need to say, share how you feel and what you think. And reach out when you feel you need too. Honestly, even if it doesn't work out, at least you won't regret trying. Maybe I'm the worst person to be preaching that our time is limited, as I write this while I'm sitting in bed on a Sunday. But really, I know that all you can do is express your side of things. Maybe it'll work out, maybe it won't. But it won't be for your lack of effort.

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